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Tool Stage


Adjustable Fly Tyer’s Organizer


Still the next best thing to your vise!


  • Combines hackle gage, hook gage and magnet into an easy to use unit.
  • Prevents the accidental scattering of hooks and flies.
  • Organizes finished flies and those in process.
  • Keeps tying tools within easy reach.
  • Ideal drying rack.


The high power magnet even holds stainless steel hooks!



“Fly Tying Has Just Been Made Easier”

No more…..

accidental mixing of hooks and flies!

Unwanted surprises in the carpet or dog’s fur!

Searching the vacuum cleaner bag for lost bugs!



No Tools Needed


Your bodkin is the hackle gage pin.

Simply insert it into the hole located at the base of the hackle gage to measure your feather.


Fits most vises with a standard 3/8 inch, diameter post.

Just slide the post of your vise through the mounting hole.

The entire unit easily slides up or down the post to a comfortable height.


Each  stage” independently swings 3600

around the vise post for custom positioning.







Patent Pending                                  Copyright ICON Products 1997                                   Made in USA