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Finally, a better braided loop…..


Perfect Loops TM


“The perfect connection between fly line, running line and backing”




The first braid loops engineered as high performance line connections. Eliminate the worry over short loops pulling off, hard glue cracking the braid or trusting some home made version on a fish of a lifetime.


We took the “oops” out of loops!


These are loops that will stay on, and not crack or hinge. Their extra grip zone, flexible lock and special weave make them easier to cast and smoother running with greater hold on all fly lines.


Perfect Loops eliminate short casts caused by bulky loops hanging up on rod guides.

Old-fashioned loops made from doubled over fly line and thread wraps are a thing of the past.


No more confusion over the meaning of faded thread wraps or ink marks! Includes instructions on installing computer generated Line Labels. The modern way to “label” a fly line using simple English.



Two sizes to fit any fly line system.


Big Game  (50#, 8wt. to 15wt.+)         Standard Game  (35#, 2wt. to 7wt.)



See your local fly fishing retailer to re-rig with Prefect Loops.